How Our Well-Equipped Manufacturing Plants Are Enhancing Our Delivery Times

Alieza Fernandes
2nd July, 2021

In a country as large and diverse as India, demand for good products is already very high, and can spike up at any moment for unexpected reasons. During our extensive studies before venturing into the market, we hence vowed to lay huge focus on our manufacturing capabilities. This led us to set up three state-of-the-art plants in Goa and Karnataka that are equipped with highly advanced machinery and a dedicated workforce committed to delivering the finest quality e-bikes to our customers. Let us take you through all the technologies that make it possible for our manufacturing plants to churn out these vehicles with utmost efficiency.

Automated inventory management

For a product-based company like Kabira Mobility, inventory control is a huge part of the manufacturing process. The software-based system present in our Goa facility allows our partners and distributors to add, edit, delete and transfer inventory in real-time. Moreover, it also allows us to keep tabs on inventory counts using a data feed. Such a system requires no human involvement and hence saves a lot of time and manpower that can be dedicated elsewhere. Having a real-time view of our inventory feeds also helps us gauge how your channels are performing. Automated inventory management keeps us always in the know of what you have in stock, which means there are almost no instances of us being understocked. This system has helped us a great deal with scaling our manufacturing according to the demand. And it’s one of the reasons why our Goa plant holds the facility to deliver 12,000 units per month.

Completely automated assembly line

Our ambition has always been to manufacture reliable, attractive and sustainable e-bikes. By using a completely automated assembly line at our Goa plant, we have surely realized that intent. Not only does it help in high productivity, but it also enhances cost efficiency, which allows us to offer our products to customers at competitive prices.

In-house chassis fabrication line

For the kind of roads we have in India, it is very important that the skeletal integrity of our e-bikes is top-quality. We hence took the decision to adopt an in-house chassis fabrication line. Our factory workers take great pride in building these frames that ultimately end up giving our e-bikes their sturdiness and safety benefits. Both our plants in Dharwad, Karnataka have their own in-house chassis fabrication lines that contribute towards speeding up the manufacturing process.

In-house battery pack assembly

This is the process of integrating modules into metal or carbon fibre composite enclosures that incorporate power, charging and temperature management features. The key components of the battery pack assembly process include battery modules, cooling systems, power electronics, and battery management systems. To optimize the power efficiency of our e-bikes, we have devised our own proprietary battery pack designs that are brought to life in-house at our second Dharwad plant, which holds the capacity to dole out 40,000 e-bikes per month.

Sub assembly lines

Having sub assembly lines like the one we have at our Dharwad plant greatly helps in saving time since it involves having components assembled with the purpose of being incorporated into a larger end product. These components can then be brought onto the main assembly line, ready to be incorporated into the e-bikes. This streamlining of the manufacturing process helps us a great deal in enhancing our capacity.

Our advanced manufacturing practices are responsible for the technological superiority and styling of all our e-bikes. As we move forward, we have a long lineup of new vehicles lined up to enter production. We’ll be sure to keep you posted about our upcoming offerings. Stay tuned!