Press Release

Here’s How We Harness Our Expertise To Deliver The Best EV Experience To Our Customers

Alieza Fernandes
9th July, 2021

What’s interesting about our journey so far, is that despite being a short one, it has been enriched by the expertise of our executives, management, R&D teams, and other staff. Their well-researched decisions have helped us stay on the right track. All our products reflect our deep understanding of market needs, and serve as environmentally friendly solutions to those needs. Let’s take a look at a few aspects of our e-bikes that enable us to offer the best experience to our customers.

In-house powertrain development

For an EV, its powertrain is the most important component when it comes to performance. We knew right from the start that we had to create all the powertrains of our e-bikes ourselves. This allowed us to make the tiniest of tweaks to their designs to extract that extra output from them during the process of designing and testing. It also meant much better integration for all the parts in our e-bikes. Coupled with the best parts sourced from local and international suppliers, this practice has helped us provide our e-bikes with excellent performance without compromising on efficiency.

Advanced battery packs

The battery is the heart of any electric vehicle and we give utmost importance to choose the right cells for our e-bikes. That is why, while nickel manganese cobalt (NCM) batteries have been dominating the EV industry, we chose to opt for lithium iron phosphate cells LiFePO4, which are way more suited for Indian conditions. Their high-temperature sustainability allows them to handle the hot summer conditions that are common in most parts of the country. They also have longer life cycles compared to NCM cells as they are more tolerant to full charge conditions. Another big advantage of LiFePO4 cells is that they require less energy to be produced compared to NCM batteries, allowing them to have a positive effect on the environment. Moreover, LiFePO4 batteries benefit from Smart Battery Management Systems that enable us to offer a better range than our competitors.

Smart dashboard design

Our dashboards form a major part of the user experience of our e-bikes. The large screens always keep riders informed about vital information like speed, battery, and other important variables. Their functionality is expanded greatly with the use of the Kabira Connect app, which provides everything from detailed ride statistics, riding behaviour, turn by turn navigation, and charging station locator to parental controls. The KM Connect app has been designed to serve as an extension of the riding experience of our e-bikes.

At Kabira Mobility, the practice of translating our expertise into improved customer experience gives us immense pride. Going forward, we wish to continue with it so we can better serve you-- our valued customers.