Press Release

How Kabira Connect Reflects Our Expertise In Providing The Ultimate E-bike Experience

Alieza Fernandes
28th June, 2021

As the world moves towards a more digital future, we at Kabira Mobility want to get on board right from the start! That’s the reason why we decided to incorporate a mobile application experience with all our e-bikes. This feature blends perfectly with the high-resolution dashboard screens that are present on our vehicles, and it even allows us to make the most of all the screen estate that’s available. Kabira Connect has been designed from the ground up to be an extension of the riding experience of our e-bikes. With its neat user interface and a whole list of nifty features, the app helps our riders stay in the know of everything regarding their vehicles. Let us give you a lowdown on all that is possible with Kabira Connect.

Turn by turn navigation

Finding directions while driving around in a four-wheeler is much easier because you can keep an eye on the navigation screen without interruptions. However, that’s not the case with two-wheelers, where your phones are usually in your pockets and you need to remove them again and again if you’re searching for a particular place. Our dashboard nullifies this issue. You can use Kabira Connect to instruct the dashboard to navigate to any location you want. Once that’s done, you can put your phone in your pocket and follow the directions on the screen.

Charging station locator

You can charge your e-bike back at home, but what if you’re low on juice while you’re far away from it? Again, the solution is right there in the app. Just head to the charging station locator section to see all the locations nearby where you can take the e-bike to top it up with some charge.

Vehicle tracking

Some of our electric scooters don’t require driving licenses, which means you can let your teenagers ride them if they are of the minimum height. This is when the location tracking system of the Kabira Connect app will come in handy. It uses the LTE capabilities of the e-bike to show its pinpoint location at any given moment. This feature is also useful when you lend your e-bike to someone, or when you forget where you’ve parked it.

Checking range availability

The dashboard already gives you detailed information about your e-bike, including its available range. However, the Kabira Connect app allows you to do that remotely, so you can plan your rides accordingly.

Manage component health

Thanks to our vehicles being equipped with Controller Area Network (CAN), you can monitor the health of all their components through the app. This allows you to have a clear idea of what’s at fault in case something goes wrong. Quick access to service slot bookings and roadside assistance are also available through the app.

Trip history

Using the Kabira Connect app, you can bring up the trip history of any journey you’ve taken recently. Not only that-- a nifty feature called Trip Route Playback  gives you a neat view of how your journey went.

We have many more features planned for the Kabira Connect app in the coming months and we can’t wait to share them with our customers!