Press Release

A Look At How Our Manufacturing Plants Are Shaping Our Production Capacity

Alieza Fernandes
10th June, 2021

The Indian market is massive and companies always need to be ready to meet huge spikes in demand. The demand for EVs in the country might have suffered a blow due to the pandemic but there is still considerable interest being shown by the environmentally conscious. That said, the demand for EVs is set to rise again thanks to the various ongoing awareness campaigns, including ours, emphasizing their importance to the environment. Since the day Kabira Mobility was born, we have been well aware of the kind of demand we will face in India with regard to our e-biking solutions. To prepare for that, we have created three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities catering to different aspects of building the ultimate e-bikes.

Manufacturing plant no. 1: Verna, Goa

This is the facility with which we started our journey. Located in the industrial hub of Goa, in the village of Verna, it was used to manufacture our initial electric scooter offerings. This facility is home to a completely automated assembly line and holds the capacity to deliver over 12,000 units per month. Moreover, this Verna plant is also home to an automated inventory management system that helps maximize scalability, decreases human error, and saves overall time.

Manufacturing plant 02: Dharwad, Karnataka

Located just 5 hours away from our Verna plant is the massive Dharwad facility that is dedicated to chassis fabrication. We are incredibly proud of this in-house chassis fabrication line that allows us to create sturdy and lightweight chassis for our e-bike solutions. Our R&D team has spent a considerable amount of their time coming up with the right raw materials and processes to ensure that all the e-bikes from Kabira Mobility benefit from top-notch skeletons. Spread across 80,000 sq. ft. (multi-level), this manufacturing plant holds a total of 14 sub-assembly stations, giving it versatility, which is important given how diverse our product portfolio is.

Manufacturing plant 03: Dharwad, Karnataka

Located just 2 kms away from our second facility, this is our biggest manufacturing plant yet, with a capacity of delivering 40,000 units per month. Apart from an in-house chassis fabrication line, it also has an in-house battery pack assembly line. All the batteries used in Kabira Mobility products are of the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) type, which offer better heat resistance and longer range compared to the nickel cobalt aluminium (NCA) type cells that are part of most EVs being sold in India. This allows us to gain a competitive edge both in range and performance. This manufacturing plant even houses state-of-the-art testing and certification equipment to make sure all our products are ready for Indian conditions.

Through a steady speeding up of our expansion plans and setting up a large eco-friendly infrastructure, we are already aligned with our goal of offering the best customer experience to EV enthusiasts. These manufacturing plants are also prepared for the high demand for e-bikes that are expected in the coming years.