How Our Kollegio Range Allows You To Support The Environment In An Easy & Economical Way

Alieza Fernandes
7th July, 2021

If you’re familiar with Kabira Mobility’s rich range of e-bikes and scooters, you’ve definitely heard about the Kollegio, the Kollegio Neo, and the Kollegio Plus. As their name suggests, these vehicles were built for students who want a simple solution to their daily transportation needs. More importantly, it offers an environmentally friendly mode of travel that also allows them to reduce their carbon footprint. Starting at just Rs. 55,717 (ex-showroom Goa), these electric scooters are highly affordable and offer plenty of savings over a lifetime. Let’s take a deeper look at what they have on offer and how cost-effective they are compared to petrol-run scooters.

What the Kollegio range offers

The Kollegio is a range of lifestyle e-scooters that look to offer everyday flexibility at a highly affordable price. While the Kollegio and Kollegio Neo offer a range of 100 kms, the Kollegio Plus is capable of going for 90 kms, while compensating with a number of other advanced features. All three scooters offer a top speed of 24 kmph. This is perfect for short-distance travel and the best part is that no license is required to ride them. Anyone with a basic understanding of riding bikes can employ these to fulfill their daily travel needs excellently.

These emission-free offerings have been fitted with 250W motors and powerful disc brakes. Their smart FOC-based EV controller harnesses real-time data from the motor to optimise it for better on-road control and an enhanced riding experience. All three of these scooters have been equipped with advanced shock absorbers that make dealing with potholes and speed bumps a smooth experience. The Kollegio e-bikes grab a sporty look that makes them stand out from the competition. And they’re offered in a range of attractive colours as well.

The Neo and Plus models get 5-inch IP6 rated digital instrument clusters, while the Plus model also benefits from additional features like fast charging and a larger battery size. The Kollegio Plus can be yours at Rs. 65,995 (ex-showroom Goa). As mentioned above, the base Kollegio costs Rs. 55,717 (ex-showroom Goa), whereas the Neo model is priced at Rs. 56,610 (ex-showroom Goa). These prices are already pretty competitive and they allow more people to explore the brilliance of our e-bikes.

The electric advantage

Buying a Kollegio is much less expensive than buying a petrol-run scooter. And your savings will continue throughout the lifetime of your e-bike. There are two main reasons why. First, is that electric vehicles have much fewer parts than regular vehicles and hence require much less maintenance. No more frequent visits to the service centre once you buy a Kollegio. The second reason is that even the running costs of e-scooters are much less. At current petrol rates, riding a petrol-run scooter would cost you around Rs. 9 per km. And if you consider the current electricity rates, riding a Kollegio would cost you just Re. 1 per km. This is a huge difference that people often tend to ignore while making their purchases.

Taking the electric route can be your first concrete step towards caring for the environment, and the Kollegio range might just be the right choice if you’re looking for something affordable not just for now, but also for the long term.