“Kabira Mobility is our vision of green, sector-based mobility that we are turning into reality!”

Alieza Fernandes
9th January, 2021

What defines us?

Kabira Mobility had started development in 2017 to revolutionize the commute experience of the future; we have passionately and devotedly promoted e-mobility, by producing hi-performance electric vehicles.

High-Quality scooters from our production

Riding a Kabira Mobility scooter is a great experience. We have designed our vehicles and developed the technical innovations, modernized to your needs — we aim to ignite each one of you, our passion to grow.

At Kabira Mobility, we believe in teamwork, integrity, and respect. We achieve our goals together, through our personal proximity with our partners and customers. Our team consists of hardworking people to develop new ideas and adapt to the modern world.

Innovation and Technology

Actively shaping the future of mobility in an environmentally friendly way. We aim to have more electric scooters on the road than the petrol scooters by 2022. To achieve this, we are constantly developing our unique designs; researching new ideas and technologies for our customer needs. Our scooters are made with passion, engineering competence, and the latest technology.

The future of mobility is a smart and green drive!

Smart, clean and green

We aim to deliver products that help in protecting the environment, built from environment-friendly materials; our scooters have reduced carbon footprints. We want to contribute to reduced CO2 emissions and only refuel on electricity, helping to prevent noise pollution for our environment.

Shaping the Urban Mobility of the future

Kabira Mobility offers you a remedy with e scooters with flexibility and individuality to get to the destination faster and most importantly with style!

We have a broader vision to promote sector-based mobility catering to all the age groups thus, leading to a sustainable solution.

Sector-based mobility solution

We have developed a new solution with expansion strategies to meet the need of a growing market for mobility as a service.

Our mobility solution is for all the age groups, with an eye to detail. Below are the customized solutions:

1. Kollegio Series

It is a smarter way of mobility, specially designed for school and college students. Our solution is a lifestyle e-scooter offering flexibility every day. It accompanies you comfortably in every situation — completely emission-free. Our most affordable model is versatile and casually elegant, as are you!

2. Intercity Series

Explore our flagship, a cutting edge technology with functionality and design. Intercity is developed for daily office commute and city travelers. Leave noise, stress, and conventions behind and ride silently and electrically. Stay casual and independent with our e-scooter that offers a long-range with short charging time, guaranteeing a unique riding experience.

3. KM-3000

Quick, Compact, and Powerful. With modern practicality and sporting performance, Our KM-3000 is a perfect choice for bike enthusiasts. Forget oil changes, spark plugs, clutches, or expensive tune-ups. The only savage performance will be delivered without tedious and greasy servicing regimes. KM-3000 is the ultimate way to conquer your local tracks.

4. Hermes

Introducing Hermes, an e-scooter that offers innovative mobility solutions for last-mile logistics, Hermes is a heavy-duty scooter with a vehicle load capacity up to 100 kgs with the best acceleration and performance. It provides a longer range and comfortable handling making it the right partner for your electric delivery fleet.

5. Humsafar

Intended for the old age and divyang sector, Humsafar is designed with detailed precision. It comes with a wheel bar for disabled and old age groups who prefer a gentle ride. Elegant in design, this scooter is reckoned for performance and excellent mileage. A sustainable solution that is equipped with modern technology. Humsafar — Apka Apna Jeevan Sathi (Your lifetime Partner).

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