How Our Partnership With MeMebike Is Helping The Company Provide Clean Biking Solutions

Alieza Fernandes
22nd June, 2021

At Kabira Mobility, we believe in giving utmost importance to the environment and when the opportunity comes to align with others who share the same belief, we don’t hesitate. This has led us to partner with another nascent company, MeMebike. The company aims to ease up city traffic and also make an impact on the environment with its business model. It’s a bike ride-sharing platform that works based on dynamic mobile application technology. As part of this allegiance, we will be providing MeMebike with two of our premier electric scooters, thus allowing its customers to experience all the benefits of our technology.

How the MeMebike model works

The bike sharing model of MeMebike is pretty simple. A customer needs to install the company’s official app on their Android or iOS device and register on it. Whenever they need quick transportation to a particular destination, they can head into the app and search for a nearby MeMe parking lot. On reaching there, they can scan the unique code on their preferred e-bike, enter their destination, and agree with the estimated cost. Once that’s done, the e-bike will get unlocked. After reaching their location, they can just look for a nearby MeMe parking lot to drop off their e-bike and make the payment.

The MeMebike vision

MeMebike was started with the vision of easing urban and semi-urban journeys that are increasingly becoming multimodal. The flexibility it offers, along with affordability forms the company’s unique selling proposition. The pilot project that’s slated to start in Mumbai and grow into more cities soon is eventually expected to decongest the public transport system in India. And the fact that MeMebike has chosen to go opt for e-bikes instead of petrol scooters indeed means that there will be a positive impact on the pollution levels as well.

How is Kabira Mobility helping?

To help MeMebike achieve its vision, we will be providing the company with two of our finest electric scooters - the Kollegio and the Intercity Neo. The Kollegio is known for its casual elegance and has especially been designed for students, so it will be quite a good fit in the urban environments that MeMebike hopes to target. And so will the Intercity Neo, which has been built with office-goers in mind. Both these e-bikes offer around 100 kms of range on a full charge, which is a big advantage they bear over their competitors.

Not simply our products and vision, but even our strategic partnerships reflect our commitment to bringing about a positive change to the environment. And as we move forward, we will continue establishing more such partnerships with other like-minded companies to further the cause.