Sourcing From The Best: See How Leading Manufacturers Are Contributing Towards Building Our E-bikes

Alieza Fernandes
22nd June, 2021

The switch to electric vehicles (EVs) is absolutely crucial at this juncture if we wish to leave this world a habitable place for future generations. Through the years, on our quest to create the best environmentally friendly mobility solutions, we stumbled across several roadblocks that could have been overcome with compromises-- but that isn’t what we stand for. Our eco-friendly products are the result of an immense commitment to sourcing the absolute best parts from the most trusted companies around the world. And in order to promote the Make In India initiative and provide buyers with more affordability, we also source a lot of our materials locally. Let us take a deep dive into our sourcing partnerships.

Tata AutoComp Systems Limited (TACO)

With over 41 manufacturing facilities spread across India and 8 across North America, Latin America, Europe, and China, TACO is among the world’s leading auto component manufacturers. TACO’s range of products and services is diverse and the company is hence the perfect partner for the process of plastic part development for Kabira Mobility products. The lightweight and aerodynamic components that we developed along with the company have helped our e-bikes triumph over our opponents in terms of range and performance.

Delta EV Solutions

Known for its state-of-the-art EV charging solutions, Delta EV Solutions was set to be our powertrain manufacturer. The company has been making strides in the quick and efficient manufacturing of EV components lately and also remains adherent to the Make in India initiative. That said, our powertrain has been completely designed and developed in-house, allowing us greater control over the performance and range of our e-bikes.

CEAT and Michelin

The two brands need no introduction. We wanted to fit our EVs with safe and reliable tyres and we didn’t have to look too far for the best solutions available. Both the companies provide all the tubeless tyres that find their way into our e-bikes.

Gabriel India

We are proud to source our forks and suspensions from Gabriel India, a homegrown company that has been providing its solutions to major players for decades. Their nimble suspensions allow our e-bikes to glide smoothly on Indian roads. They also provide them with the kind of stability that’s needed for electric vehicles, especially since they produce high torque.


Electronic throttles ensure that all the power generated by the motor reaches its wheels in a controlled manner. For this, we had to rely on the brilliance of Napino, which has acquired immense expertise in the development of EV parts over the years. The high-performance throttles that we source from the firm are rated for over 1 lakh cycles, ensuring that our e-bikes benefit from high durability.

These top-notch components are complemented by our in-house chassis designs that come together at our three large manufacturing plants located in Goa and Karnataka. And thus is born a Kabira Mobility e-bike, a product of world-class expertise that’s ready to conquer Indian roads and also to save the environment.