Press Release

A Look At Kabira Mobility's Diverse Solutions For All Your E-Biking Needs

Alieza Fernandes
29th May, 2021

At Kabira Mobility, our objective is to offer eco-friendly solutions. This belief is part of our RideToLiv philosophy, which is the driving force behind the development of all our e-bikes. We are environmentally conscious and offer products that are emission-free and technologically advanced. We have designed our portfolio to meet the e-biking needs of a wide range of customers that include college students, office-goers, hardcore biking enthusiasts, and fleet users.


We call it the silent warrior. The KM4000 is our flagship e-bike and with a top speed of 120 kmph, it’s also the fastest e-bike in the Indian market. This sleek yet powerful machine can deliver peak power of 80 kW along with a range of 150 km. The Boost Charge feature on its battery allows it to get fully charged in just 2 hours. The KM4000 lets you check your ride statistics on its smart digital dashboard, which supports Bluetooth connectivity. The KM4000 pack all this and a lot more and is priced at Rs. 1,36,990*.


The KM3000 sports a stylish appearance and is a practical everyday option with three different riding modes. Riding on the Eco mode gives you a maximum range of 120 km, whereas the City mode is designed to offer a range of 95 km. The Sports mode offers maximum power with a range of 60 km. All this is thanks to its 60 kW battery. The KM3000 allows a top speed of 100 kmph and is priced at Rs. 1,26,990*.

Kollegio series

The Kollegio series is part of our effort to bring eco-friendly mobility solutions to students. With a maximum speed of 24 kmph, these e-bikes don’t even require license or registration to run on the road. They have high-torque BLDC hub motors and offer smart controllers that not only improve torque, but also enhance heat dissipation for excellent performance. The three e-bikes in the Kollegio series include Kollegio, Kollegio Plus, and Kollegio Neo. They offer ranges of 100 km (Plus model offers 90 km) with their 250W motors. While the base model comes with just a single seat, the other two models offer pillion seats. The Kollegio is Kabira Mobility’s most affordable e-bike at Rs. 55,717*. Its Plus and Neo models have been priced at Rs. 65,995* and Rs. 56,610* respectively.

Intercity series

This range has two models and can be a great option for daily office-goers. We offer them in two distinct design choices – Neo and Aeolus. The Neo has a slightly retro look, while the Aeolus boasts of a futuristic appearance. Both the e-bikes sport 250W motors that can deliver a 90 km range at a maximum speed of 24 kmph. The Intercity series also offers quick acceleration, steel disc brakes, and smart controllers, while delivering an ergonomic body for comfortable riding. While the Neo model has been priced at Rs. 69,630*, the Aeolus model has been priced at Rs. 70,732*.

Aetos 100

The Aetos 100 offers tough competition to ICE scooters with its powerful technology and striking looks. It has a robust and large frame aimed at providing a comfortable riding experience, and a durable build quality. Equipped with a 250W motor, the Aetos 100 dishes out a 25 kmph top speed and a range of 90 km. It can be yours at just Rs. 70,102*.

Hermes 75

The Hermes 75 was created specifically for the last mile delivery industry after conducting extensive research with major players like Swiggy, DHL, Amazon, and others. With the delivery executives (across companies) collectively travelling 7.5 crore km every day, an option like the Hermes 75 provides a great opportunity to make a difference to the environment. This e-bike has a top speed of 80 kmph and a range of 120 km. It even has space for ample storage in its rear-mounted compartment. Ever since it was unveiled, the Hermes 75 has been in demand, not only in India, but also in other nations like Greece, Australia, and a few Middle Eastern countries.

With such a diverse portfolio catering to the varied needs, we, at Kabira Mobility, are confident of making a huge contribution to the goal of a greener tomorrow. Our high-end technologies and tailored designs are sure to satisfy all our customers as they embark on their RideToLiv journeys.

* All prices are ex-showroom, Goa