Do you need a Registration or a Drivers License to ride this Scooter?

No, you don’t need a Drivers License and you do not need to register to enjoy riding this scooter.

What is the performance of this Scooter in Hilly Areas

Kabira Mobility Kollegio is equipped with DeltaEV BLDC Hub motor which allows you to travel uphill without any effort. Paired with a Smart FOC Controller which provides instantaneous torque at Hilly Areas.

What is Life of the Battery?

The Kollegio has been equipped with LiFePO4 Battery which has a long life of Upto 5 years, allowing you to ride your electric scooter without having range anxiety. Kabira Mobility offers a warranty of 03 Years on all its Battery Packs.

Your Store is not available in my Region, how can I purchase this scooter?

Kabira Mobility strongly recommends that you purchase a scooter if the store is in your region to avail the servicing and assistance in case there are any problems. In case you wish to purchase you can get in touch with the nearest dealer who will assist you in shipping the scooter at your doorstep.

Do you offer Door Step Servicing

No, we do not provide doorstep servicing at the moment. In case there is an issue you will have to take your scooter to the nearest service center to get it repaired.

Do you offer Financing Services as well?

Yes, We offer our customers various financing options along with special festive discounts. Please check with your nearest dealer with regards to the financing schemes.

I want to try this product before buying, where can I test it?

We offer test rides on all our products, head over to the test ride section and register with your nearest dealer.

Do you offer Tradeup Schemes?

No, Kabira Mobility do not offers any Trade Up schemes at the moment, watch out our space for more information on this regards.